A Look at All The Elements You Customize In A Range Hood

Ventilating your kitchen is one of the most significant tasks you can undertake in your kitchen. If kitchens are not ventilated efficiently, they can lead to adverse effects due to the traces of carbon monoxide in cooking fumes. Multiple deaths due to improper ventilation are reported every year. Fortunately, these deaths can be prevented with proper ventilation measures.

Therefore, considering a range hood in your kitchen is a critical investment. Range hoods can enhance air quality and reduce smoke, steam fumes, and foul smells that pollute the air. In addition, your range hood can be a prominent piece of functional art in your home. Invest in Coppersmith Custom Hoods to improve the aesthetic look of your kitchen.

Read on to discover the elements you can use to customize your copper range hood.

Why Should You Choose Coppersmith Custom Hoods?

  • Interestingly, copper becomes more aesthetically pleasing with time, making your range hood a stylish focal point for guests.
  • The most appealing part is that these range hoods can be customized to match any kitchen aesthetic. The most appropriate time to pick your range hood is before you start your remodel. With time, oxygen reacts with copper to create patina- a color that tells the story of your kitchen. Patina produces colors like green, purple, blue, and deep brown.
  • You can also customize your copper range hood using a metallic bronze or a black granite hood to achieve a more modern look. Also, choose between boxy, elegant, and elaborate shapes.
  • Copper range hoods are among the most durable range hoods on the market
  • They are suitable for your and your family’s health. Copper is known to have natural anti-microbial properties. Recent studies show that scientists are looking for ways to treat diseases using copper

How To Customize Your Range Hood

If you don’t have a range hood already installed in your kitchen, getting one can elevate your kitchen, and customizing it can significantly impact your kitchen. Coppersmith Custom Hoods give your kitchen a look that sets it apart from any other. In addition, each range hood articulates a unique style and personality.


As you may know, metal finishes have an artisan appeal, especially when used at home or in any commercial space. Some metals commonly used in high-end interiors include zinc, copper, pewter, brass, and stainless steel. Each metal is designed to have unique properties and a distinct look. For instance, zinc fights bacteria and does not have pores. On the other hand, copper range hoods are known to last a lifetime.


You can customize your range hood into a pyramid chimney style, tapered hood, or one with dramatic curves. There is no problem with choosing a range hood with sleek or straight lines. However, one with a curve can go a long way in complementing a French chateau style.


There is a diverse range of options when choosing the ideal range hood. The sole purpose of textures is to bring a lively visual appeal to your hood. Most designers prefer a smooth surface. Below are some of the textures:

Hammered Texture

Hammered textures range from subtle to highly noticeable. A touch of hammering with an artful finish can go a long way with a range hood.


A range hood can be newly made, but you can always go right by giving it some history with a distressed finish. Types of distressing may vary from intentional denting to sanding.


Stamp your range hood if you want to give it some personality, especially if you seek more of a pattern.


When metals are left to the elements, a natural chemical process known as patina occurs, if this is your cup of tea, artisanal techniques can make the process more efficient. The process involves coaxing vibrant hues from the metal. However, the outcome depends on the type of metal used, the approach used, and the humidity. The most common patinas are zinc, copper, and steel.

Edge details

If you want an ornate, straightforward, or detailed edge for your range hood, you can ask the seller to customize it before purchasing. Make sure you specify your vision before proprietary machinery is applied.

Rivets, medallions, and straps

Coppersmith Custom Hoods designers know that small details can make all the difference in their projects. Some common decorative additions you can use to customize your range hood include straps, rivets, and medallions. Use these additions if you want to make your range hood unforgettable.

Straps are critical for making range hoods stand out. They are vertical and narrow in shape.

Rivets are used to accessorize the straps.

Medallions, also known as circular metal badges, are an alternative to making your range hood a masterpiece in your kitchen.

Apron Designs

You can customize your range hood designs based on a family crest or company logo. However, this type of customization is only available upon request.

Where Can You Get Copper Range Hoods

Unfortunately, not all companies that deal with range hoods provide copper hoods. Most of them don’t manufacture copper hoods or have limited designs. In the end, these companies only produce copper hoods that seem substandard or mass-produced, making it challenging to customize. Sometimes, a customer has to pay more for low-end products because the company needs to pay for various markups like advertising, among other costs.

Accentuate Your Kitchen With A Coppersmith Custom Hood

Coppersmith Custom Hoods are the ideal range of hoods if you want to heighten the aesthetic look of your kitchen. Craftsmanship is critical. Therefore, ensure you partner with a reputable company with sufficient knowledge to avoid purchasing an inferior product. No intermediary should be involved in the decision-making process. Remember that copper hoods are pure copper, but a defective product may be made of copper mixed with other materials such as lead. Choosing a company that crafts its range of hoods in-house can guarantee the purity of the metal.